Transforming the world is not just an important matter: it is what really matters to us Transforming the world is not just an important matter: it is what really matters to us

Our Services

Consultancy for Sustainable Development

On topics such as supply chains, sustainable procurement, sustainable finance and triple impact governance issues, among others.

Legal services

That integrate our triple-bottom line approach: impact business structuring, sustainable finance, outcome
contracts, among others.

Trainings and education

On supply chain issues, sustainable procurement,
sustainable finance, sustainable corporate governance,
among others.

Our Goal Is to Generate Impact

We have set up Keidos to provide consulting services placing our focus on generating, facilitating and/or escalating the impact of organizations seeking to make sustainability central to their DNA, working on a market impact building across Argentina and other countries in Latin America, and developing public policies towards the new impact economy. This challenge entails not only conforming to current legislation but also understanding both the attainable and desirable legal architecture, while promoting new game rules to adequately suit a sustainable world. That is why at Keidos we work through multidisciplinary teams aimed at taking the best approach possible.

We are Keidos

Constanza Connolly

Soledad Noel

Agostina Coniglio

Beatriz Pellizzari

María Laura Tinelli

Matías Galindez


Pacto Global Red Argentina 19 años
Model Directive for the Promotion of Sustainable Public Procurement

Argentina’s Pro Bono Status Quo: Challenges Ahead as We Navigate the Decade to Deliver

Governance & Sustainability: Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into decision making process (SPANISH)

Gender Equality as an Accelerator for Sustainable Development (2022) (SPANISH)

Our Partners

Collaborative creation and collective construction are vital these days, so when rendering our services we work in alliance with:

We are proud of working with these organizations

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