Our Impact

Transforming the world is not just an important matter: it is what really matters to us.

Keidos was mainly set up to offer services that facilitate and/or escalate the impact of organizations. Impact is placed at the core of our organization: it is our purpose.

Our Purpose

We are here to generate positive impact. Our purpose lies in transforming reality with legal tools and boost
organizations to bring about threefold positive impact: economic, social and environmental.

Aiming at advancing the transition towards new economies, we offer legal consultancy for sustainable
development to multiple market actors while promoting game changing rules for a sustainable world.

Taking on a comprehensive approach to counsel, not only in what is legal, but also what is right.

Adoptando una visión integral para asesorar no solo en lo legal, sino también en lo que es correcto.

Impact business model

Our impact business model is focused on our clients and the improvements they experience from the services they receive, which are focused on facilitating and/or scaling their impact (economic, social and/or environmental).

Through the services we provide and the projects we are involved in, we aim to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals targets: 4.7. | 5.5. | 8.3 | 12.6 | 12.7 | 16.6. | 16.7

Our impact also results from the Pro Bono work we do, which we strategically focus on developing the
impact ecosystem.

The development of our impact business model is an ongoing process, and we still have a long way to go. For that purpose, we are employing the B Impact Assessment, to obtain the B Corp Certification by 2022.

Topics covered by our services:

Sustainable procurement
Impact investing
Diversity and inclusion
Corporate governance & ESG
Supply chain and due diligence
Sustainability & compliance
Legal innovation
Creating a positive impact is a long-term goal. We work for a continuous improvement, there is always more to be done.

Impact Metrics


Enhanced organizations and/or purpose-driven businesses served


Pro Bono working hours


People trained

We are a Pending B Corp

What does it mean? That from the very beginning we have legally committed ourselves to producing a material, social and environmental impact for the benefit of society and the environment.

That we are about to obtain a B Corporation Certification, after being in operation for at least 12 months.

That our aim is to be part of a global network of over 3.860 companies that is assessed with the highest internationally recognized level of standards, and that use market forces to provide solutions to social and environmental problems.

Construcción de redes

Through its members, Keidos jointly builds these networks for the development of an impact ecosystem:

Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers (GAIL)
Red Latinoamericana de Contrato de Pago por Resultados
Grupo de Inversión de Impacto Argentina
Comunidad Legal Argentina de Impacto (CLAI)

We also collaborate with organizations and participate in working groups:

Red de Impacto
Grupo de Trabajo sobre Divulgaciones Financieras relacionadas con la desigualdad (TIFD)
Mesa de Impulso de Empresas Sociales (IES)

Pro Bono

We carry out our Pro Bono work to achieve our purpose and transition towards the impact economy by developing the impact ecosystem.

Our Pro Bono work is strategically focused onDevelop and strengthen social organizations and/or non-profit organizations’ governance, a more appropriate legal figure or structure for their mission’s sustainability and/or to enhance their social impact business model.

Generate legal knowledge – through research, reports, guides and/or articles – on the following topics: Impact Investments, Social Enterprises, Purpose-driven companies, ESG Factors, and Business and Human Rights.

Develop international, regional and local networks for lawyers to develop the impact ecosystem collaborating with organizations and participating in working groups.

Promote and participate in spaces for discussion, webinars, forums and workshops on the following topics: impact lawyers, impact investing, regulatory frameworks, best practices, and standards for the impact economy.

Access the Spanish versión of our Pro Bono work policy here.

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