Highlighted documents

Argentina’s Pro Bono Status Quo: Challenges Ahead as We Navigate the Decade to Deliver

ESG & Impact Investing 2022

Legal aspects of impact investing in Argentina

Impact Economy Digital Edition 2021 – Argentina (2020)

Social Impact of New Business Models (2020)

Public Procurement as a Driver of the Development of an Impact Economy: Tools to Move Towards its Implementation (2020)

Legislation Movement of Collective Interest and Benefit Organizations in Latin America (2020)

Social Enterprise: the Sustainable Model that Leaves the Traditional Approach Behind (2019)

Legal Guide for Social Entrepreneurship in Argentina: Which figure to choose to create social impact companies (2016)

Following we share a list of publications written with our participation and/or collaboration:

Model Directive for the Promotion of Sustainable Public Procurement

The Impact Term Sheet – Text and Guidance Notes

Public Good Incentives – Concept Framework and Implementation Guidelines (2021)

Business & Human Rights 2020 – Argentina (2020)

Shareholder activism in Argentina: overview (2020)

Boosting Sustainable Ecosystems (2019)

First Triple Impact Index Report (2019)

B Corp: the Corporation of the Future. Can it Be Included in Argentina’s Current Business Organizations Act? (2013)

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