Constanza Connolly

Constanza Connolly is an attorney specialized in corporate law, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions. She has vast experience in start-up design and entrepreneurship, as well as in business seeking social and environmental positive impact. 

She advises on the design and development of impact funds aimed at boosting sustainable finance and focusing on ESG (environmental social governance). She specialized in sustainable value chains and complex structures for the creation of solutions for non-traditional figures, including organizations with non-profit and for-profit “hybrid-structures”. She led the first social impact bond launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Soledad Noel

Soledad is a lawyer with extensive experience in the creation and implementation of projects and initiatives to promote the development of triple bottom line business. She studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica and has a specialization in Corporate Legal Counseling, at the Universidad of Buenos Aires, and a Pre Master in Business Law, at the Austral University. 

She co-founded the “Latin American Impact Lawyers Network” to boost impact businesses in the region and she is a member of its Board.  She co-founded the Argentine “B Legal Group” (Grupo Jurídico B), which drafted the bill being presented to the National Argentine Congress for providing legal protection and boosting development of “Benefits Corporations” (Collective Interest and Benefit Companies).

Agostina Coniglio

Agostina obtained her Law degree from Catholic University of Argentina (2017) and her Graduate Degree in Sustainable Development Management from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (2018).

Former Beccar Varela associate, where she advised associations, foundations, and hybrid structures organisations as well as traditional companies. Agostina has also helped develop and implemented new impact business models, incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to decision making and management and in designing legal mechanisms to block and secure their missions and impacts. Her practice areas also included Pro-Bono work.

Beatriz Pellizzari

Beatriz trained as a Social Psychologist, she specialized in planning and management of social organizations. She is a former Fellow of Fundacion MAPFRE Medicina/Spain in “Professional Re-qualification and Re-training of workers with disabilities”. 

Between 1993 and 2000 she directed the PAR Foundation and worked in the National State as an Advisor at CONADIS. In 2002 she founded La Usina, in 2008 she created the social enterprise redACTIVOS, and in 2015 she founded Libertate Social Enterprise from where she left in June 2018.

María Laura Tinelli

María Laura is the Director of Acrux Partners, a firm specialized in impact investment based in Argentina and the UK. She has vast experience in advocacy and awareness raising of investors in the field of Responsible and Impact Investment. Highlights include the development with IDB MIF of the guidelines for the first impact investment fund for the Southern Cone, the structuring and launch of the first Social Impact Bond in Argentina, and advice for the first Sustainable Bond aligned to ICMA Standards and SDGs of the Productive Development Bank of Bolivia (Banco de Desarrollo Productivo de Bolivia).

Matías Galindez

Matías is Partner and Director of FIXIT, a social innovation agency certified as B Corp. At Fixit he provides organizational consulting services,  strategic design of high-impact businesses and accompanies senior management in the process of integrating sustainability into the culture and heart of the business.

He is also a founding partner of GEA Rosario, an Argentine B Corp that promotes the circular economy through integrated waste management services.

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